Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey




Knob Creek Bourbon has some good blood. Not only is it named after the boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln, it has some highly acclaimed brothers in the Jim Beam family: Booker, Basil Hayden, and Baker. Aged nine years, Knob Creek is the oldest by a couple of years. The extra aging draws more flavor and sugar from the wood, providing a full-bodied, fruity flavor with hints of grass and grain. It’s 100-proof, which is considered the honest age of bourbons made a century ago. The Beam family makes this spirit with extra char on white oak barrels for a bigger flavor. Knob Creek Bourbon is comfortable on the top shelf of any home bar. You should put it right up there with the best names from Tennessee, Ireland, Canada or Scotland. It’s a great dessert after a grilled steak and is at home with a cigar next to your ashtray. How does it mix? Its bold, organic flavor stands up well in cocktails if you must mix it. Fresh mint and a hint of sugar make a fine Julep. It makes a nice old-fashioned with orange, bitters, and a cherry. The family suggests you try a new fashion. Instead of sugar, use Amaretto as a sweetener. Mix that with bitters and an orange peel. Serve it up or on the rocks. Whatever you do, taste it with a little extra patience. It spent nine long years getting to you. Don’t rush it. Buy Knob Creek Bourbon Whiskey online at a great price on Drizly and have it delivered directly to your door or pick it up in store. Winner of Double Gold Medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


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